Safeguarding Commitment Statement

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As followers of Jesus and ministers in His Church, we, the members of the Australian Province of the Order of St. Paul the First Hermit (also known as the Pauline Fathers and Brothers), are committed:

  • To uphold His teaching about the dignity and rights of every person, especially children, young people, vulnerable adults, and their families.

We, together with those who cooperate with us, are committed:

  • To building, developing, and promoting communities of safeguarding children, young people, and vulnerable adults,
  • To the spirit of cooperation with ecclesial and civil authorities to stimulate the culture of safeguarding that will support and protect those entrusted to our pastoral care and prevent any harm or neglect.

For that reason, we are committed:

  • To empower them by actively listening to them and including them in decision-making about their formation processes.

To achieve our responsibilities, we are committed:

  • To have correct and up-to-date policies and procedures that are fully complied with by all members,
  • To ongoing formation (with exceptional care for new members) regarding professional standards and safeguarding issues.

By being professionally informed, we are committed:

  • To fulfil our duties required of us by civil and ecclesial legislation regarding reporting of safeguarding matters,
  • To respond promptly, justly, compassionately, and respectfully to any disclosure of abuses, complaints, and concerns.

Because ultimately, we are committed:

  • To do what “we can to heal the wounds of abuse and to make the Church a safe place for all.” (CRA and ACBC’s response to the Royal Commission)