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The Order of St. Paul the First Hermit has its prayer book that the monks use. This book has been made available as a Phone Application. It includes all or parts of the prayer book in English, Polish, Latin, German, Croatian and Italian. The English version also includes the Orders Necrology.

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This application was created by the Australian Province of the Order as part of an effort to translate and make accessible the texts of the Order in English. Other languages were added later.



The Pauline Prayer Book contains the following content in the following languages.

LanguagePrayer BookConstitutions & DirectoryMissalLectionaryDivine OfficeNecrology

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This application does not collect any data from you that is sent to us. This includes having no trackers of our own or from a third party. It does not ask for any of your personal details. Any external links will open in your default web browser and not inside the application. It does not request content from a remote service.

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